Emerging Adults

Are you feeling a bit lost?

Many emerging adults express concern about their future goals, and how to find meaningful work and become an adult in a world that appears impossible. It is not uncommon to feel anxious, ruminating about your options or to feel down or discouraged, withdrawing from your options. If left unaddressed, these feelings can contribute to poor self-care and lack of connection making things even worse.

If you find yourself (or others) saying things like, “what am I doing in life?” or “I feel lost” or “I don’t want to be an adult if it means…” you are not alone.

Who can you talk to? Hopefully, friends and parents can be a source of support and guidance.  If this is not the case or you are just looking for some additional support – counseling support or mentoring is an option.

How can counseling help?

There are lots of “should’s” we bump into every day and they can get pretty loud. It is hard to be genuinely ourselves with all noise of who we “should” be. It is not always easy to know what is a should and what is our own unique self driven value. In counseling, you will have the opportunity to explore and determine your values and strengths as well as understand how limiting beliefs might contribute to your distress and how to live, work and play more consciously. When you identify your values, making decisions gets easier and envisioning the path you want to take can become clearer.

If you want to learn more feel free to give me a call.




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