Couples Counseling

Is tension and conflict taking the place of laughter and ease?

You are not alone. Contrary to the myth of romantic love, relationships have challenges and sometimes getting good support is vital to keep the love alive.

What if you could manage conflict effectively and create more ease in your relationship?

If you want more joy, more fun and more confidence in your skills when difficulty arises in your relationship, couples counseling can help.

Couples I see include those who are dating and beginning to have recurring conflict, longer term committed couples seeing negative cycles of communication or struggling with parenting issues, and long term committed couples facing later life challenges.

Couples counseling can be difficult when one or both people are angry, hurt or scared. My position is not to choose sides but to join you in working actively with what is happening within your unique relationship. We will work as a team to develop broader understanding, increase your awareness, practice skills and develop your relationship consciously.

My approach integrates the research of Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman and elements of Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy, as well as Strategic Family Therapy and Internal Family Systems.

Please call to ask about specific challenges you are facing and we can determine if this would be a good fit.

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