Play is Not Just for Kids


Have you seen the research showing play is vital to human development? Did you know it’s important for adults too? Dr. Stuart Brown, a psychiatrist and play researcher, explains that when in play, creatures are in an altered state that allows the exploration of possibilities. That sounds like something we could all use more of in life!

Last week, I watched children playing in water fountains along the sidewalk at an outdoor mall. Water randomly shot out of the holes in the sidewalk as the children marinated in possibilities. One child figure out how to predict the pattern of water shooting in the air and enlisted other kids in his game through smiles and jumps of delight – gestures of a play state. Most of the adults were on the sidelines, smiling and looking on, but without joining in the fun.

Like the children playing in the fountains, the videos on YouTube with cats playing or babies dancing afford adults the chance to be a “spectator” in play. But what if your play was not limited to spectator play?

As adults, we benefit from being participants in play. Interwoven at work or at home, and whether you have children or not, play opens us up to experience of being fully human. In play states, both children and adults develop curiosity, creativity and connection.

How will you explore possibilities in play?

Read the article below to learn more about the importance of play whether young or old!


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